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About Us

JMB is one of the leading providers of exotic and delicious Sweets since 1977.
It would indeed be a trivial history of Tourism & Hospitality if there were no Rajasthan; it would be a trivial Rajasthan if there were no Udaipur, and verily it would be a trivial Udaipur if there were no Jagdish Misthan Bhandar. The Shakespearean phrase "What is there in a name?" is only partly true, for it is only by its name that JMB lives. The pride of the Lake City, JMB is a synonym for Sweets quality and excellence. It is a landmark in Sweet industry. we offer the best quality sweets wrapped in traditional cordiality. We use high quality raw ingredients to prepare these desserts and sweets. Our team of skilled professionals is engaged in extensive knowledge to prepare these. We are the innovators for changing the concept of traditional manufacturing & marketing of sweets and namkeens keeping there natural colour & taste. Nowhere can one find a unique amalgamation of ancient Indian culture with modernity except in JMB. A visit to this Sweet Shop is a virtual treat in itself. One who misses JMB misses almost everything in one's itinerary-to the Lake City. We take care of the fact that customer satisfaction is very important. To ensure this, we come up with seasonal innovations and designer and creative gift packaging. In addition, we strive to maintain the proper hygiene and quality during each stages of preparation until they are packed and dispatched. Special packaging is done for safe and easy transportation in stipulated time frame.